Monday, June 4, 2012

A night to honor Marilyn Monroe

Last Wednesday night my friend Trisha and I had the honor of being invited to the opening of the Marilyn Monroe Exhibit at the Hollywood Museum.  It was a truly special occasion with all of the class and elegance Marilyn exuded.  This year marks fifty years of her passing and it almost felt like she was right there as we snapped pictures in the mirror of dressing room she frequented.  We learned about everything from her famous makeup artist, Max Factor, to the numerous places she lived in the LA area.  It was such an intimate showing of her photos, belongings, and history in the industry.  I very much hope you enjoy my images of this special occasion.  Many thanks to my friend Paige Guritzky for the invite!!!!

 Paige, Trisha, and Me snapping a quick shot in the mirror in one of the famous Hollywood Theater dressing rooms.  I love all of the old cosmetics strewn about.  It felt like Marilyn or Lucille Ball had just touched up her lipstick.

The icon's fabulous leather gloves and brooch.

Marilyn was known for her curves.  She was the envy of all movie stars with a 22" waist.

Her pink feather boa.  Just one of her many accessories.

Green beaded Pucci belt, studded leather belt, and interesting facts about her weight and measurements through the years.

Sparkling wine with custom Swarovski crystal labels to celebrate her life. 

Mink stole seen in the picture on the left and an oversized cardigan.  I love how fashion comes full circle.  This men's style sweater is on trend today.

A few snapshots for wardrobe references.  I think they are superb :)

Her Playboy calendar.  The epitome of sex appeal.

So many excellent candid shots.  I would die for this blouse!

The last shots ever taken of her.  Again I love the chunky sweater and how comfortable she seems to just be herself.  

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  1. Love this post and so many of MM's things, especially the yellow dress!